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Our First Round of Winners

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Kodu Realty strives for constant improvement and excellence. We believe in nurturing and encouraging healthy competition within our team of dedicated and highly talented agents to help us render exemplary services to our clients. In this kind of environment, every agent strives to attain their ultimate goals in offering efficient service, as well as attracting and retaining a large pool of clientele for our company. Our goal is to create a conducive environment that supports all our agents in their quest to showcase their unmatched talents. We occasionally organize a range of competitions for our agent with the aim of offering them a chance to compete amongst themselves and attain their best as they align their performance metrics with the company’s strategic goals. Our first round of winners include:

Elva Morales

Elva is the winner of our “flowerpot strategy” competition. She demonstrated the highest level of expertise and innovative approach to solving business challenges, thereby helping us implement a technique that enabled us to reach out to potential homebuyers and sellers. We discovered that this is an effective and transformative approach to communicating with and attracting new clients.

Korina Cames

Korina became the first agent, who through her dedication and strong work ethic, managed to reach her annual target. Given her industriousness and speed, she recorded many complete transactions this year, earning her recognition for her contribution towards our continued success.

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