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Plan your future – Take the First Step

Meet Joel Norris, a lawyer, and estate planning specialist. In his line of duty, he has worked with different technical issues that give many people sleepless nights. Norris is a professional and specialist like no other. His love for family is seen in his dedication to his clients, where he helps parents with young children live an organized life. I can attest to his professionalism because he helped my husband and I plan a future for our children. Families with children are often worried about what might happen to their children if, God forbid an unfortunate scenario takes place. These worries on most occasions are not matched with the right solutions. As such, many families are left in the dark in terms of what approach they should take in order to prepare for the eventualities.

The Wills that Norris prepared for us give a secure future to our children. We are a young professional family and we know what it means to raise a family. As parents, we know first-hand what parents go through in terms of thinking about the security and protection of their children. As such, we are presenting to you Joel Norris, a certified board member and a highly passionate specialist interested in families, small businesses, children, and estate planning. If you are looking for a professional to help you prepare your estate, Norris is the guy for you. Reach out to him at or call 713.955.4501 and let him help you plan your future.

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