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The Competitive Side of our Agents at Kodu Realty

Life changes every day and this means that every new day comes with an opportunity to discover and dominate. At Kodu Reality, we are deeply committed to learning and becoming THE BEST every day. Life in its own right is an adventure that has got many lessons and challenges. As human beings, we are all welcome to partake in these life adventures and follow through with determination.

This is the same vision we have as a real estate company. Our desire is to see our agents get nourished with life and embrace the wins. To make this desire of progress a reality, we initiated a competition that saw all our agents as equal opportunity participants. The requirement of the competition was that simple, to post daily on their social media platforms. The news was exciting and challenging at the same time. Posting anything real estate was of course a walk in the park for our highly motivated and competitive agents, however, at the same time it was challenging as not one day could go by without posting.

Sergio, Dawn, Maria and Korina were able to complete the month without missing a day and therefore eligible for the drawing. As luck of drawing – Maria won a six-month membership to Audible. A platform that exposes her to continuous learning and improvement. Go, team! So proud of each one of you!

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