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Committed to success and winning

Last Sunday, we had our Sunday Funday event at the Texas TreeVentures in The Woodlands. The team events that we plan are to help us re-energize for the week as well as to release any tension or stress from working 24/7. During the week, our agents are relentless, running on a beast mode to deliver our clients an experience that exceeds the promises made. This makes us extremely successful in the real estate business. When we plan team-building exercises, we not only look forward for our agents to have fun but also challenge themselves and/or learn a new skill.

At Texas TreeVentures, it was all about coaching each other through different obstacles and overcoming the fear of heights. And trust me; we have a couple of agents who were quite afraid of heights making this a defining moment for some of them. Several of us were hesitant in the beginning. However, when we mastered the needed courage to climb and jump, it became fun and memorable. Most of the agents, who were initially afraid, ended the course by jumping off from the third-level obstacle! We enjoy getting together as a team to grow together as well as to make connections and learn from each other. Kodu Realty is not just a place of work: it is a lifestyle of monster commitment to our future. Winning matters! Production matters! And at the end of the day – Kodu Realty is a family that plays together and stays together!

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